Ransomware Hackers Blackmail U.S. Police Departments

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Eastern European hackers are hitting law enforcement agencies nationwide with so-called “ransomware” viruses that seize control of a computer system’s files and encrypt them. The hackers then hold the files hostage if the victims don’t pay a ransom online with untraceable digital currency known as Bitcoins. They try to maximize panic with the elements of a real-life hostage crisis, including … Read More

Protecting Yourself from Ransomware

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Everyone who goes online — via home computer or mobile device — needs to be prepared for a ransomware attack and take steps to reduce the chances of infection. And while you may say you’d never pay if you got hit — you might reconsider if all of your financial files, family pictures or everything stored on your mobile phone … Read More

Ransomware: Now a Billion Dollar a Year Crime and Growing

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And it’s expected to get even worse this year — with more victims and more money lost. Experts even predict that the cloud could come under attack this year because it’s such a lucrative target and could result in ransom payments in the millions of dollars. Ransomware is a family of malware that blocks access to a PC, server or … Read More

Ohio Government Completely Paralyzed After Ransomware Attack

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A county commissioner says that the virus demanded a payment in Bitcoin for the county to regain control of their systems. Officials declined to specify the amount of money that was requested. The county said its IT department discovered the problem when some files wouldn’t open. As a precaution, it shut the system down and that’s when technicians discovered it … Read More



“Neither police nor insurance help you in this case,”

Brandstaetter lamented to The Local. “The restoration of our system after the first attack in summer has cost us several thousand euros. We did not get any money from the insurance so far because none of those to blame could be found.”

It was cheaper and faster, he said, to simply pay the requested ransom.

“Every euro that is paid to blackmailers hurts us,” Brandstaetter continued. “We know that other colleagues have been attacked, who have done similarly.”

The ski resort—which suffered two attempts before the cybercriminals broke through—is not alone: